#OMG-How Santa Claus Had Heart Attack And Died Before School Children.

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Christmas is one of the popularly celebrated events across the globe. This is because it is the celebration of the birth of the savior of the world; Jesus Christ. Coupled with the fact December is the end of the year. Christmas is usually characterized by the colour red and white to match. It is usually celebrated through enough holidays, enjoyments, eating, partying, visiting friends, and families and also to show love to one another. Christmas is celebrated on 25th of December every year, a celebration which runs till the end of the month which also marks the end of the year.


#MerryXmas-Best Xmas Gift Ideas To Try This Season

By Miss Chisom Agbo.

“If there is anything that is true, it is that everyone loves receiving gifts “and “that there is no more expensive gifts than free gifts”. Gifts come in many ways and in different dimensions depending on how people see it-in such manner it becomes so special. Don’t be archaic on how you gift people this season; try out new ideas and also giveaways. And in order to spice up this season, here we suggest gifts to give to your loved ones if truly you care.


Top 20 Greatest Boxers Of All Time

Boxing is a sport of fighting with the fists with the intention to knockout the opposing boxer. It’s a sport which majority of the world population watch. Boxers are always seen to be strong due to the nature of the sports. In this article Greatest Boxers Of All time, we shall discuss top Boxers both past and present.  


Trending News In Nigeria

By Idike Mabel.

This year has been by far one of the most intriguing and eventful year so far. Trending News In Nigeria. Starting from January to this December which marks the end of 2018, a lot has taken place in Nigeria. Cases like the invention of sex dolls. Which spread like wild fire across social media. During January to other humorous event such as the monkey and snaking swallowing millions of Naira.

Nigeria throughout the months have experienced  lose and tragedies. Such as the fuel tank explosion which claim the life of many innocent people, persistent boko haram attacks. Especially killing of catholic priests in Benue state and so much more. December has been the most eventful of all the month with all their wahala already experienced.

It started with the wide spread rumor of gee boys (yahoo boys). Using girls pants for ritual for the popular car known as Benz. The rumor turns out to be true as many unfortunate cases where reported. Ladies who fall victims either run mad or died instead. They went far as posting horrible videos of them beheading girls and stabbing them to death. WHAT A WICKED WORLD!!.

Recently the news reports that the police men have started arresting these yahoo boys. Wish ladies will learn to be self independence and reduce their lust for flashy things.

Linda Ikeji’s child dedication

Ifeanyi Gbulie Nollywood actor is dead

Access bank takes over Diamond bank

Buhari turns 76


Linda ikeji, Nigeria popular blogger has been the name on the lips of every social media users.  Following the birth and dedication of her son Jayce. The blogger has received a lot of congratulation and condemnation from a lot of people. According to premium times, the vice presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party for the 2019 presidential election, Peter Obi.

trending news

Trending News In Nigeria

Also in attendance was the chairman of Zinox Group, Stan Leo Ekeh, alongside other dignitaries. Linda, who has been on a photo sharing spree since she revealed her lover’s identity on Friday.

“Jayce surrounded by greatness in Church. With billionaire businessman Leo Stan Eke and Vice Presidential aspirant Peter Obi. And of course his billionaire mum,” the blogger posted on Instagram on Sunday. It should be noted that Linda ikeji was criticized because of her habit of speaking against who are baby mamas. That is single mothers who do not have a particular man to call husband.

She told out to be in the position of those same women she spoke vehemently against. Linda ikeji in order to make amends apologies to the fan for giving birth out of wedlock.



This month also records the death of a well known Nollywood veteran. According to premium time, Veteran Nollywood actor, Ifeanyi Gbulie, who was bedridden for several months, died in Enugu on Thursday. Following stroke complications.


trending news

Trending News In Nigeria

According to Nigeria monitor, the actor passed away after a prolonged battle with stroke. The actor who has been bedridden for several months, as a result of stroke. Passed away in the early hours of December, 13, 2018, in Enugu.

Confirming the development, ace movie director and a member of the Directors Guild of Nigeria (DGN). Chima Okoroji, who confirmed the actor’s death, said he would be greatly missed in the industry. The deceased was well known for his fatherly roles in films. Such movies as ‘End of Dreams’, ‘Under Fire’ and much more.



Being a diamond bank customer I was curious about this and what the future will hold for all diamond bank customers. According to vanguard news, Access Bank Plc has finally acquired Diamond Bank Plc.

According to insiders, the official announcement of the transaction will be made in the course of the week by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, according to The Cable. Another source said confirmed that the deal has been sealed, awaiting final ratification from the regulatory body.

The acquisition was mid-wifed by the CBN in a bid to further consolidate the banking industry, sources informed. Last week, Diamond Bank announced its decision to drop its international operating license to focus on national operations following capitalization issues.

Uzoma Dozie, the bank’s Chief Executive Officer, confirmed the development in a statement released on Friday. Dozie had said: “With this approval, the bank will cease to operate as an international bank. “The re-licensing as a national bank supports Diamond Bank’s objective of streamlining its operations to focus resources on the significant opportunities in the Nigerian retail banking market, and the economy as a whole.

The move follows Diamond Bank’s decision to sell its international operations, which included the disposal of its West African Subsidiary in 2017 and Diamond Bank UK, the sale of which is currently in its final stages.” “The change to national bank status also enables the bank to maintain a lower minimum capital requirement of 10 per cent, as against 15 per cent required for international banks.”



The birthday of Mohammadu buhari, the president of the federal republic of Nigeria has been the talked of the day. Mr. Buhari, on Monday was surprised by his aides who organized a birthday party for him at the state house, Abuja.

trending news

President Buhari received birthday wishes from all and sundry Including from Atiku Abubakar, and his running mate for the 2019 presidential election. President Buhari asked Nigerians to pray for him and also thanked them for their support and encouragement.




Latest Hairstyles For Ladies In Nigeria

By Miss Chisom Agbo.

Female hairstyle is the most reoccurring fashion in the society today. In this article, we shall be discussing about latest hairstyles for ladies in Nigeria. Ladies are seen wearing different hairstyles for different reasons. No matter what reason it is, it’s all about looking good.

Putting on a good dress, cool footwear, and a handbag to match is good. But without a good hairstyle to complement your fashion is like you’re not dressed. Africans are known to be fashionable when it comes to hair styling. There is countless number of styles and more are coming out yearly.

Latest Hairstyles For Ladies In Nigeria

Latest Hairstyles For Ladies In Nigeria

Sometimes the only reason why ladies are considered low and given differential range is because of how they package their hair. Among all the packaging and decorating you will do this holiday, the last thing to worry about is your hair. Naijanest is here to give you less stressful hairstyle and you will be set to stun for the season.

Side parting weavon style is always eye catching for the fact that it gives a classy look to you. The rate at which ladies go for this style nowadays looks amazing. Side parting look real good on ladies with oblong type of head. Wondering how old your face will look this holiday, check out this style and your groom will come knocking.

Latest Hairstyles For Ladies In Nigeria                                Latest Hairstyles For Ladies In Nigeria

Giving yourself a classic ponytail this season is something a young lady would not miss. You don’t need to spend much on ponytail, adding a spray shampoo gives it a perfect touch. Celebrity hairstylist like Kristin ESS, Riawna Capri, and Castillo Bataile have done justice to classic ponytails. Going for a wedding this season why not give ponytail a try and your look will be too glam.


the sweet curls gives you a perfect look for a bride to be. Wondering why you always look tattered with your hair on every holiday because of harmattan. Try this touch of girly wave with a lot of curls and you will look classy. Going out for occasions this season, why not try our listed hairstyle and wow to the amazement of on lookers. After makeup and all that without a nice and clean hair you will be accorded 0% on your outfit. Give in all your best to look good with all these perfect and stunning styles.



Hausa’s are one of the major tribes in Nigerian. They are popularly known because of their simple lifestyle and their beautiful girls. There is different hairstyle which is trendy in Nigeria hairstyle fashion today namely;





Latest Hairstyles For Ladies In Nigeria

Latest Hairstyles For Ladies In Nigeria

Many of these hairstyles have been seen on some celebrities including Dija, Simi, Yemi Alade, etc. for instance ‘the Patewo’ takes the shape of two hands holding each other. It literally means clap your hands. The Suku is so popular and common in Nigeria. It is formed with a thick braid pack on the back side of the head.



This is one of the hairstyles that is simple and can bring out the beauty in every lady. It is easy to do, just prepare your hair like you do for other back braids. Divide the hair into three (3) sections at the center. Join additional hair for styling. To style French braid properly, cross the section in the opposite direction.

Latest Hairstyles For Ladies In Nigeria


#2019 VP Debate, What Went Wrong.

By Miss Chisom Agbo

The vice presidential debate against the 2019 general Elections was held at Transcorp hilton hotels Abuja. It was organized by the Nigerian Elections Debate group and the Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria. The debate was opened with members of the five selected political party vice presidential candidates. The names of the candidates for the vice presidential debate 2019 include;



Alhaji Ganiyu Galadima of ACPN

The incumbent vice President of APC Osibanjo

Peter Obi of PDP.

Umma Getso YPP

Khadijah Abdullahi Iya of ANN.

 vice presidential debate 2019

vice presidential debate 2019

On the opening speech made by Osibanjo. He stated how the APC led administration is working too hard to better the lives of Nigerians. He pointed out that his hair was not too grey when he started in 2015. But due to the overtaxing of the work. All along it paid him because he was able to express individual ability.


He made emphasis on the popular saying that the role of the vice president is like a spare tire. Osibanjo said No to the idea on how the Nigerian Jurisdiction have specific roles which VP is entitled to do.

 vice presidential debate 2019

vice presidential debate 2019

“Finally, I think the role of the vice President is one that also requires a great deal of patience because you may not always agree on policies”. He said.


Abdulahi-Iya of ANN talked about her belief that Nigerians should be concerned on dangerous condition of Children in order to protect the country’s future. She made mention of her personal Biography, stating how she got a masters degree in Law at the University of Abuja.


Series of arguments where made with each representatives trying to outshine their opponent. Galadima of ACPN was careful about the manifestos of each candidate urging Nigerians to look critically on each to make a well noted choice at the polls. On his part Peter Obi said


“Our country today has the highest number of out-of-school children in the world. Our human development index has developed from 152 to 157 our global competitive index has dropped from 124 to 127”.  He argued.


On his part, Osibanjo also made mention of the social investment program initiated by the Federal Government. He argued that it is the biggest in the history of the country taking N500b smart phones. The flag bearer of the YPP described how she will help if elected in shaping the economy of the country. She added that she was a pioneer member and founder of women multi-purpose cooperative society in Bauchi state. This has made great impact in the lives of rural women in and outside the state.

 vice presidential debate 2019


Shocking Reasons Why Ladies Wear Ankle Bracelet

By Miss Agbo Chisom Godsgift.

Why Ladies Wear Ankle Bracelet

Ankle bracelet a ring or chain that is worn around the ankle. In this blog content, we shall be discussing why ladies wear ankle bracelet (chain around their legs). As we grow older, things keep changing. Fashion is reoccurrence of style in clothing, hair and general appearance of people in the society. The issue of ladies wearing ankle bracelet has been given mixed reaction in the society today.


There is a general saying that you’re addressed the way you’re dressed.


10 Health Benefits Of Kola Nut


health benefits of kola nut

 health benefits of kola nut

The kola nut is a cultural stable in many West African countries prized for its effects as central nervous system stimulant. It is a cash crop that is sold in every market and corner shop.Health Benefits Of Kola Nut

The kola nut has a dose of caffeine. Each nut contains more caffeine than two large cups of American coffee. In the west (united states and Europe), you are more likely to encounter kola nut extract than fresh nut itself.

Kola nut extract is a common food flavoring found in Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, and many popular energy drinks.


20 Hot Business Ideas To Start With 10K In Nigeria

By Ephraim I. Ezaka

 Hot Business Ideas To Start With 10K In Nigeria

 Hot Business Ideas To Start in Nigeria

Hello guys, welcome to Naijanest. Today we shall be discussing 20 Hot Business Ideas To Start in Nigeria. You and I know that the economy of the country is no longer friendly.

For one to survive as a civil servant or as a student, you need extra source of income. Due to the economy of the country, there are lots of unemployed youths. So many have been relieved of their duties because companies are shutting down.

Many workers have been owed salaries by the federal and state government. At a time like this, introduction of entrepreneurship is the best option for our economy. Entrepreneurship means the process of starting, planning and running a business venture.

It has in so many ways saved the economy of many nations like China, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, etc.

Starting up a business venture in Nigeria is the best option for people unemployed and those looking for extra income. There are so many benefits of owing a business venture;

1.     You’re the Boss of you own

2.     You determine your salary

3.     You determine when to work

4.     You’re an employer of labour

5.     You actualize your dreams.

Consequently, people still ignore the issue of setting up a business in Nigeria due to some disadvantages attached to it. Most of them are caused by the business owners. The following are reasons why people don’t go into business in Nigeria or why some existing businesses fail in Nigeria.

1.     Lack of planning

2.     Capital

3.     Epileptic power supply

4.     Over taxation

5.     Insecurity, etc.

Having discussed what it is to start a business. Let’s look at the list of businesses one can start in Nigeria with little cash.




This is a very lucrative business that requires a little capital as low as #10, 000 to start up. The most interesting part of this business is that you don’t necessarily have to be the one to hawk it around.

The best approach to this business is to meet people who sell pure water along the streets, including those who hawk it along the road. And then explain to them that you are willing to supply pure water to them at a discount rate.

You can also be an employer of labour by getting some jobless youths off the street, buy them a robber basin and fill it with cold water and then let them help you in selling them. There is possibility that they can sell up to 22 bags of pure water daily. Pay them #50 per bag while you the employer will keep #150.

Pure water business is a simple one that yields a lot of profit in Nigeria most especially in congested cities like Lagos. People who engage in this business venture makes about #3,000 to #4,000 per day.

 Hot Business Ideas To Start With 10K In Nigeria

                                                          Hot Business Ideas To Start in Nigeria



These are clothes that have been worn outside the country and then imported into Nigeria by business men and women who deal on them. Most of these clothes are not easily differentiated from already made ones due to their high quality. Many Nigerians also prefer to buy they because of they are very cheap.

For the fact that this is not one of those businesses that requires you to have a shop, it’s very flexible and easy to start. Moreover, anyone can start Okreka business in any part of Nigeria because many people wear them and customers are always in demand for it.

Dealers on London used clothes usually make most of their sales around 3pm to 6:30pm. Reason being those college students, civil servants and other workers are always on their way home by these times and are always looking for new clothes to make up their wardrobes.

To start selling London used clothes, you first of all need to buy a full bell of Okreka. This would cost about #10,000 to #12,000. A full bell of Okreka might contain up to 220 clothes. Each clothe from the full bell can be sold at the rate of #600, #1,500, or more depending on the quality of the material.



Meat pie is a common snack in Nigeria. Starting up a mini meat pie production business can cost as low as #10, 000.

The materials needed for the business include; stove or gas cooker, pot or Frye pan, oven, rolling wood, moiling board, flavor, and sugar.

From the above mentioned requirements, one can easily foretell that starting the business could be quite easy. To make the business faster, all have to do is to meet people selling meat pie in their shops. Also hawkers on the street are useful as well.

Many meat pie sellers confirmed that supplying the product to schools is a very good means of marketing. This is because students usually take snacks during school break and the sells are usually massive.


Mama put is a very profitable business in Nigeria which everyone can start with little capital. Food is very important and as such always in high demand. Usually, starting a mama put is simple because you don’t look for customers, they will keep coming. All you need to do is to find a good location.


In Nigeria, plantain chips production is a cool business anyone can venture into and make lots of gain. The business requires few materials such as plantain, Frye Pan, groundnut oil, store or cooking gas, Hot Business Ideas To Start in Nigeria etc.


Women are known to be lovers of jewelry and men too. Many employed and employed Nigerians are massively making money by making beads. It is simple to start. You need to learn how to make it, which might not take up to 2 weeks to learn. You need to buy the beads of different colours, the tinny role, and that’s all.

7.     POP CORN

8.     CAR WASH