No matter the type of job you do, you are looking for the best, simple and most efficient way of getting the job done for example using text app. Be it personal or official work, technology has in its way reduced the workload on us, we can now work flexible and still meet up with whatever target we have. In this post, we shall be giving description of best speech-to-text apps 2019.

Before then, it is important to understand what speech-to-text means. Voice-to-text software is an app which one can get on the app-store that helps in creating documents faster than typing the words just by simply recording the voice.

In other words, this app turns spoken words into written words automatically. With voice-to-text software or dictation software, you can do your job on the go. It is a perfect for bloggers and other jobs where you need to type. Now that you have a clue of what voice-to-text is all about, let’s discuss all the latest apps in this article.






1.Apple Dictation: as the name sounds, Apple dictation works on Mac alone. All Apple devices come with this in-built software which allows the user record voice notes and save them as documents. If you’re an Apple user, you must have come across Siri server, which records voice notes up to 30 seconds per time.

Siri is used when you’re recording fewer words, but if you’re working on longer words, you must update your Mac to OS X 10.9 or maybe the higher version because this enhanced version gives better options from its various features.

To active the enhanced dictation on your Mac, go to Apple menu > system preference > keyboard > dictation > then click on enhanced dictation option.

Available on: Mac

Price: free


2. Braina Pro: due to its outstanding features, Braina Pro is otherwise regarded as personal virtual assistant software. It is wildly used, as Braina Pro can dictate up to 100 different languages, perform computer tasks like; setting alarm, reminder, serve as dictionary, play songs/videos, read e-book out loud, search for files folders, and many more.

Braina Pro works with most laptop’s microphones. What more can you ask for? Perform a superb work with this awesome app.

Available on: windows

Price: $239




3. Dragon profession individual: when it comes to speech-to-text apps, Dragon Profession Individual is an option to try. With its in-depth features, one can perform different commands on the computer without setting up the command manually.

This software allows you open whatever app, documents, and files and also send messages with just voice command. It gives 99% accuracy of the sentences recorded. You can edit copy and/or paste words.

Available on: windows & Mac

Price: $300


4. e-speaking: apart from features in other related apps, e-speaking also allows you to create more commands on your computer. This software can take commands like ‘open video’ ‘open MS words’ ‘open excel’ etc. when you master e-speaking, you can use it to perform whatever you want you want to do on the computer.

Available on: windows

Price: $14



5. Google Docs Voice Typing: to set up Google docs voice typing, go to tools > voice typing and allow Google to access your PC’s microphone.

Google docs does not only allow you to type with your voice, but also gives you the opportunity to perform some other commands like to put text in capital letters, make them bold, to italicize, adding bullet and also moving your cursor from one point to another.

Google docs is no doubt one of the best apps to try.

Available on: App-store

Price: free




6. Gboad: Gboard is n awesome app as developed by Google, is used by many due to its outstanding attributes. It has the ability to record your voice-to-text at whatever speed ypu speak. While using Gboard, once you make a mistake, you can use the text editing option to correct such a mistake. Add features that stand Gboard out of the rest include; Google translate, GIFs, stickers and support.

Available on: App-store

Price: free


7. Speechnotes: this is one of the most wildly used speech-to-text apps, because it is built on Google’s speech recognition engines. Speechnotes is easy and cheap to use, since one don’t need to download, it can be found Google Chrome app. Speechnotes automatically saves the documents gotten from your speech, and you can as well send it as email or print it as normal documents.

Available on: Google Chrome

price: Free


8. Voice text: this is one of the commonly used voice-to-text apps. Voice text allows you to perform some commands like placing a call, reading unread messages out loud, and lots more. You can also perform tasks like recording a new message, manage voice dictionary, etc.

Available on: App-store

Price: free


9. Voice finger: voice finger Is primarily developed for people with disabilities or people with injuries. With this software, you can control your cursor, keyboard without your fingers.

Available on: windows

Price: free


10. Windows speech recognition: from its name, windows speech recognition is in-built software in windows computer, just like Apple. Windows speech recognition allows you to dictate and control text on any application. To active speech recognition on your window device, go to programmes > Accessories > Ease of Access > Windows speech recognition > click on speech recognition option.

Available on: Windows

price: Free





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