Ways to Identify Cultists | Cult Groups in Nigeria

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to promote any cult group. Naijanest has no link or intention to encourage people to join cultism.

In this post, I will be sharing with you tips on how to identify cult groups in Nigeria or their members. Over the years, the issue of cultism has been given the everyone concern on how we keep hearing of killings of cult members by their opposing group. There are lots of cult groups in Nigeria, and in our previous post on list of cult groups in Nigeria, we provided useful information to the general public to note and be aware.

Cultism started way back with the notion to fight for the oppressed, but today we notice that the oppressed join different cult groups to fight themselves. Year in year out, news of cult fights (hit) are everywhere and our youths the supposed leaders of tomorrow are killed for defending a mere orientation.

To curb this ugly menace, all hands must be on deck as Government cannot do everything or be everywhere. Some state Government have signed anti-cultism bill into law eg Ekiti state Government and Enugu state Government.

Prepare orientation should start from the family, schools, church, etc. The following are ways to identify cult groups in Nigeria and their members.

Ways to Identify Cult Groups in Nigeria

Cult groups in nigeria

Members of confraternities hardly mingle with non members, and this supports the saying show me who your friends and I will show you who you’re.

Cult members move around with members for so many reasons which include to be informed on time if there are issues (hit) in the area. Another reason is for protection, for guidance (new members), etc.

There are cult groups that their members don’t move alone, in fact it is in their constitution for members to move in groups for reasons in line with the ones mentioned above. Eg “two two” cult group.

The way you dress is the way you will be addressed. This is true because on campus for instance, cult members are seen displaying their confraternity symbols.

Cult member to send signals to people around, but because not everyone can identity these symbols, they often fall victims of harassment. There are different colors, symbols, and dress codes for each confraternity.

This particular one is obvious, as confraternities have different handshakes, and members could be identified through that.

Most confraternity have their handshake as holding of the two palms so firmly (anchor), while others cross their two hands across their chest as a form of axe, and some shake hands and leg.

Cult members are given nicknames on their initiation day, which will serve as their means of identification. Some names can be funny, while others are just randomly meaningless but people are advised not to make fun of these names as that could provoke them and lead to something else.

Only members are to call these names and only their confraternity members can explain the meaning of each name.

The initiation of new members does not take the form of party galore. New members are beaten on initiation day to signify membership.

They are giving different cuts with cutlass, axe, etc. This in a way to harden their hearts and show no mercy on the opponent.

Cult groups in nigeria


Most people that belong to dangerous confraternities usually live the life so simple and quit. sometimes, they are easy going to the extant that people may never find out. these set of people usually disappear from school spend weeks off campus and no one will know their way about.

It is advisable that one maintains his/her lane, do not underrate anyone on campus, and be mindful of what you in public.


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