MTN project fame is a music talent contest designed and sponsored by mtn to find And prepare young and new talents giving them all the necessary encouragement they need to reach the peak in their music career. The reality TV show which was first aired on the 18th of July 2008 by ultima production features contestants from four African countries and they are Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ghana of which Sierra Leone and liberia have not been part of it since the Ebola outbreak in those regions.


MTN project fame is not just a talent contest,it also gives viewers the unique oppiturnity to follow serially the step by step progress of the  contestants in their quest for fame in the music industry.contestants will have the opportunity to receive the best professional traininigs in all aspects of music from voice and movement to performance and writing of songs, and to crown it all mtn project fame connects the young upcoming artist with his or her favourite popular artist on the music industry.


public votings from the viewers by SMS determines which contestants are eliminated on a weekly basis,the project fame finalists will be expected to live in the mtn project fame academy for a period of 10 weeks.

* PRIZEs and awards for the winners of mtn project famE 2019.
MTN project fame grand prize and awards are to be given to six category of people.there are lots of amazing prizes that awaits the winner of the mtn project fame.


* Winner goes home with the sum of five million naira(#5000 000 ) and a brand new SUV.
* First runner up goes home with the sum of three million naira (# 3000 000) and a saloon car.
* Second runner up goes home with the sum of two million naira (#2000 000) and a saloon car.
* Third runner up goes home with the sum of two million naira (#2000 000)


* Fourth runner up goes home with the sum of one million naira. (# 1000 000).
* Fifth runner up goes home with the sum of five hundred thousand Naira. (#500 000).
* Up-to-date winners of mtn project fame from season one to season nine.

Since 2008 mtn project fame started there have been nine seasons of the mtn project fame from 2008 to 2016. Here are the names of the winners of this reality TV show .
* The first season was on 2008 and the winner was the male popular music star Iyanya.
* The second season was on 2009 and the winner was Mike Anyasodo.
* The third season was on 2010 and the winner was the female popular star chidinma.


* The fourth season was on 2011 and the winner was Monica Oga.
* The fifth season was on 2012 and the winner was Ayoola.
* The sixth season was on 2013 and the winner was Olawale.
* The seventh season was on 2014 and the winner was Geoffrey Orji.

* The eighth season was on 2015 and the winner was Jeffrey Akor.
* The ninth season was on 2016 and the winner was Okiemutie Ighorodho.
* How to register for the 2019 MTN project fame contest.


Project fame have been made easier, interested Nigerian applicants should follow this procedure,send name and location to 35850 (using an mtn line) to get a pin from Mtn SMS will cost you # 100 naira only.below are the requirements for the applicants.
* Applicants should be a broad minded teenager of 18 years and above of age.
* Applicants should be a beginner who has no album or has not releaed a song.
* Applicants must present a copy of photo identification,international ID card or ECOWAS passport.* then visit the mtn project fame 2019 registration page to fill the form.

What are you waiting for ? Join mtn project fame 2019 to make your dream of becoming a music Super Star a reality.


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