In this article, I will be putting you through on what is job interview etiquette and why it is important. Job interview is seen as putting up your best in front of hiring manager/ recruiter.

This entails your “code of conduct and mannerism” this is not just about going there with your resumes or qualifications or going there dressed on expensive suit and shoe, it’s about going there with a good etiquette as well as selling yourself to the interviewers.

Knowing the rules of job etiquette can make them describe you as someone with good conduct and proper upbringing, this also applies everywhere and not just in the job interview sector.

So if you achieve these, there are higher chances of the hiring manager “buying you” So, just sit back and fasten your sit belt whilst I take you through the journey of Job etiquette tips.


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Here is the Run down on Job etiquette tips


Being called up for a job interview can throw you off balance, you could be uncomfortable but at the same time excited. The fear of facing the hiring manager/recruiter or the thought of opening the conference room and surprisingly you meet to 4-5 interviewers waiting for you.

This is really hard but you have come up to that stage you should get yourself prepared and you’ll see it all figured out. Before you go for an interview do ensure you prepare yourself before time so that you don’t end up being seen as a joker with an “Empty brain”.

There are necessary things you should do and take note of before going for a job interview, one thing you should know is that they must ask you questions (compulsorily!!!!!) and you should be ready to give them a convincing and insightful answers.

Firstly, visit the company’s website and note down information/details about the company such as the name of the CEO and staff that works with the company and also different departments in the company, note down the company’s specialty.

You should also know it’s not just about asking questions that concerns the company you should also be familiar with questions that may be asked in your field of study. There are other tactical interview questions that they may ask you and it may throw you off balance.



Just know the time and days you have left is not meant for playing, chatting, watching Zee cinema or football.

Secondly, I think you should see yourself as a drama king or queen during this period, reason is because it’s high time you learned how to stand in front of a mirror or your friends and express yourself. You can as well ask your friend to video you with a phone camera and ask you questions.

Doing this will teach you to maintain eye contact with them and also it will teach you how to answer their questions and express yourself in front of the interviewer(s).

If you do all these as I have instructed, you should bear it in mind that you will be standing in front of your interviewer(s) with boldness and confidence.



This is a very important meeting and you have to look your best. Your appearance is the first impression you are going to make to your employer this entails you have to look professional so, you are going to opt for professional attire/business attire then your cloth should fit you properly and wear the appropriate shoe/heel.

For the ladies wear a simple makeup and accessorize if you wish to. Your hairstyle should not cover your face; keep your hair all back. Look decent and do not wear a skimpy dress or body revealing cloth as if you are going to a club or party.

Then put on a very nice flat shoe or heel (I’d love ladies to put on heel, you do not know how smart and beautiful you look on it)

For men, put on a body fitting suit and very nice shoe (Italian Lol!!!!) and then a very nice haircut. Do ensure your clothes are laundered and pressed.

Asides the aforementioned points, personal hygiene coupled with good grooming is very important. You will smell awful; look dirty and haggard if you do not take care of yourself most especially your physical appearance.

Dirtiness and lack of good personal hygiene is always a turn off for the employer. “If you’ve entered a company and watch their staff do you see how they look in terms of appearance and their skin”, this should be a proper orientation on the kind of people they want.

They will always look at you and observe even when you speak to them, it’s a sure sign to them that you hardly bath and brush your teeth. You only did so because you are coming for an interview. Take a very good care of yourself ranging from bathing everyday (at least 3 times), brush your teeth, shave, cut your nail and file them ( you can visit a spa).

Use a very nice body wash, body cream, deodorant and body spray, take care of your hair and feed well. No one loves to recruit a person that have body or mouth odour. Pay attention to your grooming; maintain a healthy and good personal hygiene.

Some of you do not know your employer is trained properly on how to observe you. So, they could start watching you from entrance through the window or they could ask the security officer, receptionist or other casual workers about your behavior when you arrived.

STAY PROFESSIONAL-people end up messing things up by doing unpleasant things at the entrance or after they are been interviewed. Some of you go to the extent of pressing your phones via chatting and making calls on how your interview went, some even take pictures at interview venue which is totally wrong.

Some even pick their nose, smoke and other disgusting things you do. Be careful, these things could make you not to get the job and they wouldn’t disclose it to you and you end up criticizing them whereas you are the one that bought it upon yourself.



While coming for an interview, remember to come with a brief case/ portfolio that contain several copies of your resume, reference, business card, pen and professional looking note pad (not phone/ exercise book).

Some hiring manager may request to see samples of your work this is mostly for engineers, Architects, programmers, web developers and several technical jobs. Do ensure you come with it.

This will not only show you came prepared, it will also prove to them you are very much interested in the job. You should also know you have to come with a written down questions you will ask the interviewer about the company, this can only be possible when you have read and learnt some certain things about the job and company.

You should ask questions that relate to the company’s specialty and not irrelevant questions.




This is where you apply the “time management skills”. Try to get to your job interview 10-15 minutes early, it gives your interviewer the impression that you are interested and determined to get the job and the interviewer will also see you as someone that is reliable.

Before you leave for an interview and you are not sure of the venue do ensure to pinpoint the location, you can use a GPS tracker, Google map or location tracking device and also consider the fact that there might be road traffic. This is the main reason why you should get prepared and leave for the interview on time.

It’s not a good idea to arrive late at the job interview venue it could be more stressful and it could make you “run and sweat like a Christmas goat that is at the verge of being killed”.

Guess what!!!! Arriving late for an interview says a lot of negative thing about you such as; giving them the impression that you are not serious, not punctual the interviewer may cancel that appointment and it also increases the chances of you not getting the job.

Arriving early may give you more time to think, review your materials and practice the last time, visit the rest room to ensure you are still looking neat, have more time to arrange yourself and then relax for the interviewer to call you when he/she is set.



Put on a smiling face your interviewer may hire you because of your smile. Smiling shows you are someone people can get along with, it also shows you are friendly and approachable.

Smiling will show the interviewer that you are very much excited to be there and one of the secret behind it is that it will give them the impression that you are confident and very much excited to be with him.

Put on a happy face, smiling will always make a great lasting impression on you. When you arrive the interview venue, greet people you meet. You should not expect them to greet you first.

Those people you see might be asked to observe you including the attitude you put up when you saw them. Go on to meet with the receptionist, greet and let him/her know who you are scheduled to meet.

When you meet your interviewer, greet them with a firm handshake and tell him who you are, do not make the mistake of allowing your interviewer to greet first. Be prepared to engage in a small conversation if he brings up one. Please sit down when you are told to, it shows you have respect.

I wish you successful and good luck. tell me what you think about this post using the comment box below.

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