List Of Secret Cults In Nigeria.

Cultism from its definition is a socio-religious group whose beliefs are secret. This means that the rules of each cult confraternity, their objectives, aims, and obligations are known by their members only. This article, explores list of secret cults in Nigeria. The issue of cultism is a top notch subject for discussion in Nigeria high institutions. People belong to different cult confraternities for many reasons but all borders on protection.

There are so many people on the campus who belong to different confraternities which their close friends can’t figure out. There are so many ways cult members get initiated, which are mostly done in the bush and hidden areas. The genesis of cultism in Nigerian universities was dated back to 1952 when the first cult confraternity movement was launched.

It was organized by Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka and six other students, named “the Pyrates” before it was changed to “National Association of SeaDogs”.  Some members of the Pyrates confraternity that were not satisfied with the rules and dealings of the confraternity left and formed their own cult group. As we have cult confraternity, so we have female cult groups.

The female cult groups are formed by either the friends of male cult members or their girlfriends. Cultism is one of the societal paradigm shifts which have caused us most of our best brains (intelligent guys), energetic, and talented young men have been lost through cult fights (war). Cultism was formed to fight evil and injustice, but today Secret Cults In Nigeria fight each other.

Basically, there are ways to identify a cult member either by their slang he/she speaks or by hand shake, or even by the color he/she projects. Each cult confraternity represents a particular color and also has a unique hand shake.





1.     The Pyrates Confraternity A.K.A ‘The National Association of SeaDogs’.

Secret Cults In Nigeria

As mentioned earlier, this was the first secret cult confraternity which was formed in 1952. The Pyrates is one of the Secret Cults In Nigeria.The SeaDogs confraternity was formed to fight tribalism and marginalization in Nigeria university system. The intentions of Nobel Laurette Wole Soyinka and six other students who formed the SeaDogs confraternity was genuine and for the benefit of the less privileged. This was cut short when some members were expelled. The expelled members led by Bolaji Crarew went ahead to form their own cult confraternity called ‘the National Association of SeaLords (Buccaneers). Most of their beliefs include;

Odas is odas (010)

No friend No foe (NFNF)

Absolute No lagging (ANL)


2.     Buccaneers Confraternity ‘The National Association of SeaLords’

Secret Cults In Nigeria

The Buccaneers became strong because it was formed on retaliation premise. They became direct rival to the Pyrates confraternity. They copied almost everything from the pyrates starting from symbols and ceremonies. Some of their beliefs include;

No prize No pay

Blood for blood

No brothers in the wood


3.     Black Axe

Secret Cults In Nigeria

This confraternity was formed by Neo-black students. The goal of the black Axe confraternity was to come together and fight those who suppress them. They are associated with these slangs;

Not to forgive

Not to condemn, otherwise, you have to pay for it


4.     Supreme Vikings Confraternity

Secret Cults In Nigeria

They are otherwise called ‘The Adventures’, ‘De Norsemen Club of Nigeria’. The SVC was formed by former members of Buccaneers. It was in 1982 at the famous university of Port Harcourt that 3 students who no longer enjoy the grace in Buccaneers confraternity came together to form SVC. Some of their beliefs include;

Blood on the high sea

Singing songs of Hojas

Never to hang a leg


5.     Mafia Confraternity

This particular confraternity was formed in 1978 at university of Ilorin in Kwara state. Worthy to mention is that the Mafia confraternity started officially in the year 1980 at Obafemi Aawolowo University Ile ife. Some of their beliefs include;

Retaliation after oppression

Secrecy is where our power lies

It is better for a bastard to chance a member than for a numbered bastard.


6.   Others

Other Secret Cults In Nigeria include; Thu-Thu, Red sea, Black bat, Snow men, Fraternity of men, and Scorpion. For ladies we have Daughters of Jezebel, Black bra, Pink ladies, sisterhood of darkness, etc.


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Secret Cults In Nigeria





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