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Orkut Sign Up: Orkut, launched in 2004, was Google’s first attempt to create a social networking website. Although Orkut’s popularity lags behind other websites such as Facebook in the United States, it is one of the most popular social networking websites in nations such as Brazil and India.

The app was developed by and named for Orkut Buyukkokten – a Turkish software engineer and Google product manager. Since 2000, Buyukkokten has developed several social networking websites, including inCircle for the Stanford Alumni Association. In June 2004, a lawsuit filed against Google alleged that Orkut was patterned after the Circle code. 

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The service was designed to help users meet new and old friends and maintain existing relationships. Orkut users may upload videos and pictures and utilize a “like” feature to share interesting Web pages and content.

Below are the features of Orkut account

Features of Orkut Account

• Add your friends.
• Send messages and testimonials.
• See your luck of the day.
• Create and participate in communities.
• Post photos and videos.

Below are steps to sign up Orkut account

Steps to Orkut Sign Up

  • Visit our official website @ and click the “Create an account” button on the right side.
  • Enter your name using the “First Name” and “Last Name” fields.
  • Enter your birth date.
  • Click the “Display my age for my future Orkut friends.
  • Check box if you would like your age to be shown on your profile.
  • Click the “Male” or “Female”.
  • Click the “I accept” button to accept the terms and continue.
  • Type your email address in the “Your current email address” field.
  • Type your desired password in the “Choose a password” and “Re-enter password” fields.
  • Click the field under “Word verification.
  • Type the letters displayed in the image above.
  • Click the “Create my Google Account” button.
  • This creates your Google and Orkut accounts and logs you into

Steps to Reset Orkut Password

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open your device’s Settings app Google. Manage your Google Account.
  • At the top, tap Security.
  • Under “Signing in to Google,” tap Password. You might need to sign in.
  • Enter your new password, then tap Change Password.

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