How To Delete 101XP Account – Cancel 101XP Permanently

How To Delete 101XP Account

Are you tired of using 101XP and want to cancel (shut) or even deactivate your account as a result?

If the above is the case then don’t bother because here is the right place where you can learn how to cancel (close) or even deactivate your account.

There are various reasons why you may wish to delete your 101XP account among all of them is email spamming by the company.

Meanwhile, 101XP is an Online Gaming Portal that let its registered users to play online games. The online portal provides an option to Create or Edit Account information, browse through the list of games, get detailed information related to the games and play the games online.

How To Delete 101XP Account

There are three method to make a request to delete or deactivate your account from their database which are given below :-

How to Delete Account by Sending an Email

Follow these steps below:

Step 1: Log into the email account you used to register for the app or website.

Step 2: Write an email now and address it to

Step 3: Type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” in the subject line.

Step 4: Send them an email asking them to erase all of your information associated with them, if any, and to delete your account from their database.

Here is a SAMPLE on how to write such an email

How Deactivate Your Account

1. Go to and login with your account

2. Now click on Setting Tab

3. Click on Security Tab given in the left column

4. Choose option Deactivate Your Account and Follow the Step To Deactivate Account

Delete Account Permanently

1. Go to the following url account

2. Then Click on Delete My Account

3. Follow the steps to delete your account.

Note : It will take 90 days to delete your account permanently from 101XP. During that time Instagram is inaccessible once deletion process is done you cant recover your account.

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How To Delete Bet9ja Account – Cancel Bet9ja Permanently

How To Delete Bet9ja Account

Are you tired of using Bet9ja and want to cancel (shut) or even deactivate your account as a result?

If the above is the case then don’t bother because here is the right place where you can learn how to cancel (close) or even deactivate your account.

There are various reasons why you may wish to delete your Bet9ja account among all of them is email spamming by the company.

Meanwhile, Bet9ja is an Online Betting Portal that let its registered users to bet on multiple live games. The online portal provides an option to create or edit account information, deposit and withdraw money from your bank account, browse through the list of sports, and bet on the sports of your choice.

How To Delete Bet9ja Account

There are three method to make a request to delete or deactivate your account from their database which are given below :-

How to Delete Account by Sending an Email

Follow these steps below:

Step 1: Log into the email account you used to register for the app or website.

Step 2: Write an email now and address it to

Step 3: Type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” in the subject line.

Step 4: Send them an email asking them to erase all of your information associated with them, if any, and to delete your account from their database.

Here is a SAMPLE on how to write such an email

How Deactivate Your Account

1. Go to and login with your account

2. Now click on Setting Tab

3. Click on Security Tab given in the left column

4. Choose option Deactivate Your Account and Follow the Step To Deactivate Account

Delete Account Permanently

1. Go to the following url account

2. Then Click on Delete My Account

3. Follow the steps to delete your account.

Note : It will take 90 days to delete your account permanently from Bet9ja. During that time Instagram is inaccessible once deletion process is done you cant recover your account.

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Health Insurance for Quality Healthcare

Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that typically pays for medical, surgical, prescription drug and sometimes dental expenses incurred by the insured.

Health insurance can reimburse the insured for expenses incurred from illness or injury, or pay the care provider directly.

It is often included in employer benefit packages as a means of enticing quality employees, with premiums partially covered by the employer but often also deducted from employee paychecks.

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We aim to provide an intelligent platform to Indians who wish to choose the best suited Health Insurance among available options. Our user-friendly online Health Insurance comparison tools help you get a vivid idea of the options available in the market.

Features of the Health Insurance Platform

There is so much you can do by using the Health Insurance platform. Some of this services include:

1. Easy access to renewing your policies: You can review your premiums, coverage, and policies with this platform.

2. Manage funds: With The MetLife eService platform, you can make payments and even print all information.

3. Update your personal information: You can change your personal data easily do so by using this service.

4. Stay Current: Every little information about promotional and updates will get to you via the our official website.

Types of Health Insurance

There are two main types of health insurance: private and public, or government. There are also a few other, more specific types.

  • Private Health Insurance
  • Public, or Government, Health Insurance
  • Individuals Health Insurance
  • Family Health Insurance
  • Employers Health Insurance
  • Providers Health Insurance
  • Agents/Brokers Health Insurance

Plans of Health Insurance

1. Platinum: covers 90% on average of your medical costs; you pay 10%

2. Gold: covers 80% on average of your medical costs; you pay 20%

3. Silver: covers 70% on average of your medical costs; you pay 30%

4. Bronze: covers 60% on average of your medical costs; you pay 40%

5. Catastrophic: Catastrophic policies pay after you have reached a very high deductible ($8,150). Catastrophic plans must also cover the first three primary care visits and preventive care for free, even if you have not yet met your deductible.

Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in World

Here are some of the best international health insurance companies:

1. IMG

IMG is a health insurance company, focusing on international and travel health insurance for individuals, families, and companies.

Their three most popular plans include Global Medical Insurance, Global Mission Medical Insurance, and Global Crew Medical Insurance.

2. Foyer Group

Foyer Group is a leading international health insurance company headquartered in Luxembourg. They offer comprehensive plans for expats worldwide through their brand Foyer Global Health. They specialize in offering a wide range of health insurance coverage options for expats, students, foreign workers, families and individuals.

3. AXA

Headquartered in France, AXA is one of the leading life and health insurance companies, with operating bases around the world. It offers five different international insurance policies: Foundation, Standard, Comprehensive, Prestige, and Prestige Plus.

4. Generali Global Assistance

Founded as far back as 1831, the Generali Group is part of Europ Assistance, and aimed mostly at health insurance for businesses with globally mobile employees and employee groups.

There are three different “core plans”, Select, Classic and Premier, and three additional outpatient options. Compliant worldwide, including North America.

5. Cigna

Cigna is one of the earliest insurance companies, dating back to 1792.

They offer different levels of coverage for individual health insurance: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. They also offer group health insurance as well as other insurance services across Europe, Asia, and North America.

6. Allianz Worldwide

Another capable, experienced, and well-known insurance company, Allianz offers three different coverage plans, Essential, Classic and Premier, with optional add-ons, such as maternity and dental coverage.

They operate worldwide and are based across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, the Americas and Africa.

7. Aetna International

Aetna International is the international subsidiary of the US-based company Fortune 100, which boasts a 160-year experience.

Aetna International offers the MHP Classic Plan and MHP Exclusive Plan for US citizens moving abroad, and Aetna Pioneer Plans for non-US citizens. Get a free quote now!

8. Bupa Global

Bupa is a health insurance provider headquartered in the UK, with other bases of operation across Australia, EU countries, as well as Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.

Its partner GeoBlue offers health insurance coverage for US citizens travelling abroad or anyone moving to the US.

9. GeoBlue

GeoBlue insurance offers international medical insurance plans for U.S. employers sending their employees on assignment abroad as well as to individual travellers.

There are five different types of plans to choose from, with different levels of coverage. GeoBlue Xplorer is one of the most popular plans.

10. Expacare Global Healthcare

This company has more than 35 years of experience and offers policies underwritten by insurers within Lloyd’s of London.

Mostly suited for expats who intend to live in one of the EU States. Their policies are personalized for individuals and families, international students, and groups and companies.


Our companies have a 24/7 helpline which you can call in case of an emergency. They also have established procedures on how you can make a claim if you need to – usually online. Make sure you learn how you can make a claim before you purchase the insurance plan by asking directly or reading brochures.

You will need proof you received medical attention or treatment, such as prescriptions, a hospital bill, pharmacy receipts, etc. so make sure you save them.


FREE Canada Work Visa, Jobs & Accommodation | Make $80,000 Monthly

The question is are you interested in making a fortune at Canada? Have you been searching all through the internet for how to find greener pasture in Canada, whether as a student or as a worker? Whichever one, we are going to give you the direct link on how to apply.

Though we are not an agent to any website or company, we are going to be discussing on this platform tip on how to migrate to Canada. So we are going to be leveraging on our many years of expertise in doing this.

So on this page, our focus shall be on how to secure Canada Scholarships, Free Canada Work Visa, free Accommodation and above all, a direct link to apply for Jobs in Canada that you can be earning at least $80,000 monthly.

Meanwhile, there are few things we want to you to understand about your application to Canada. And they are to wit:

1. Immigrants are required to make Canada Assessment before proceeding to make application

2.  Application must be made before it ca be granted. So you will not have to stay in your house and someone from no where will contact you on phone or via email and announce to you that a Visa lottery to Canada or any country have been issued to you. So if you have receive such a mail or call, then they (sender of such mail) are only trying to defraud you, so you got to be smart.

3. Before you can secure a visa to Canada or any other top countries of the world, you must be a nationality of eligible countries. Often time, countries eligibility are always depended on the diplomatic tires they have with the host county (i.e the country granting the visa lottery)

4. Sometimes, countries are also granted the eligibility right because of their economic tires with the host countries.

So we sincerely believed that you are a nationality of eligible countries. And if our prayers are answered, then you are a step ahead others that are not from eligible countries.

Now, if you are interested travelling to Canada for jobs, below are the things you must know first.

Most Demand jobs in Canada, some of which pay over $80,000 Monthly

Home health aide

Home health aides take care of clients in their homes, including helping with daily tasks like dressing and personal hygiene, ensuring clients take daily medications, and working with medical professionals to maintain a client’s health. Many home health aides work with the elderly.

While no formal education is required for the job, many employers prefer an aide have a National Association for Home Care & Hospice certification.

Average salary: $30.98 per hour

Nursing assistant

Nursing assistants work under registered nurses in medical facilities like hospitals and nursing homes. Their duties include taking patients’ vital signs, helping patients with personal hygiene, serving food, and maintaining a record of patients’ health.

Nursing assistants must be certified in their state to practice.

Average salary: $28,454 per year

Construction worker

Construction workers clear construction sites, put together scaffolding for buildings, operate machinery that carries building materials, and assist any specific craft workers with their duties on the site.

Note that some jobs in construction may require prior experience through a trade school or apprenticeship.

Average salary: $31,616 per year

Physical therapy aide

Physical therapy aides help physical therapists by assisting with patients during appointments, setting up equipment for upcoming appointments, and taking on administrative duties like answering the phone.

Average salary: $33,238 per year

Medical technologist

Medical technologists operate medical equipment used to analyze bodily fluids like blood and urine. They collect samples, report on the results of tests done on the bodily fluids, and work with medical experts to determine diagnosis of the results.

Positions typically require a bachelor’s degree in either medical technology or clinical laboratory science to qualify.

Average salary: $56,368 per year

Truck driver

Truck drivers transport goods from place to place: for example, from warehouses to retail stores. They’re often tasked with driving long distances and loading and unloading cargo.

Average salary: $57,616 per year

Operations research analyst

Operations research analysts collect data about operations in a given company. They speak to staff to identify problems in work flow, devise solutions for the problems using statistical simulations, and ultimately advise upper management about the best course of action for the company and its output.

These positions typically require a bachelor of science degree in operations research, statistics, mathematics, or other related fields. Some jobs may also require expertise with statistics software.

Average salary: $61,457 per year

Financial advisor

Financial advisors help individuals manage their personal finances. That might include planning for short- and long-term goals, navigating debt repayment, and helping select investments. Advisors can make their money in a variety of ways, from earning commissions to charging for their time.

Financial advisors who sell certain products or manage clients’ investments may need to obtain certain licenses.

Average salary: $66,083 per year

Health services administrator

A health services administrator is responsible for the various operations of a hospital or other health-related organization. Those include ordering and maintaining a record of supplies, creating schedules for employees, and updating personnel about any policy changes.

Health services administrator positions require a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration, business administration, or another related field.

Average salary: $70,147 per year

Registered nurse

Registered nurses administer patients’ medicine and treatments, teach patients and their families how to manage illnesses and injuries, perform tests and analyze results, and record patients’ medical histories and symptoms, among other tasks.

Registered nurse jobs require a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in nursing, as well as a nursing license.

Average salary: $70,366 per year

Web developer

Web developers build client websites using coding languages like HTML and JavaScript, create the website content, and maintain the websites they’ve built including fixing any user issues.

Depending on the job, an applicant may be required to have a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in web development, web design, programming, or another relevant field.

Average salary: $72,040 per year

Physical therapist

Physical therapists help people improve mobility and manage pain after an injury through exercise, stretching, and the use of various equipment.

Physical therapists need a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, and all states require physical therapists to be licensed.

Average salary: $74,672 per year


A pharmacist, also known as a chemist or a druggist, is a health professional who deals with the composition, properties, interactions, proper use and distribution of medicines.

Average salary: $90,083 per year

Industrial Electrician

Industrial Electricians oversee the installation, repair and maintenance of electrical systems in factories, warehouses, production areas and other businesses. They test existing equipment and determine if components of a system need to be upgraded or replaced.

Average salary: $76,083 per year

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineering is the primary field of engineering concerned with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. It has two major and overlapping branches: aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering. Avionics engineering is similar, but deals with the electronics side of aerospace engineering.

Average salary: $66,083 per year

Software Engineer or Designer.

These job is rather based on skills rather than on certificate. A Software Engineer or Designer is nightly paid in Canada. In fact, the can establish their on business and even make great fortune for themselves. So these categories of people are specially privileged. A software engineer does not have to go and be seeking for work provided he has a reasonable skill, he can set up his own business and be a boss of himself.

Average salary: $100,083 per year

Applying for Canada Work Visa, Jobs & Accommodation

Although, if you do not belong to any of the above categories professions, you don’t need to bother because there are still many more juicy employment opportunities in Canada, and any other countries arround the world.

The interesting thing is that when you are employed under any of the above-listed categories of jobs, you are most likely to earn over $80,000 to $100,000 as your monthly salary.

Similarly, you are likely to get a free Canada work visa in each of the above-listed categories of jobs.

Therefore, you’ll need a visa or work permit if you want to work in Canada.

However, Americans coming to Canada for business purposes can stay for up to six months without a work permit.

Outside the business world, certain jobs, including religious ministry and news journalism, do not require a work permit, but many others do.

How To Apply For a Work Permit in Canada

USA work permits are temporary resident visas issued to foreign workers by Citizenship and Immigration in Canada. They are used to grant permission to work for foreign workers who have a job offer in Canada. Work permits are strctly issued for one year, but this can depend on the type of permit issued and the duration of the work assignment or project. It may also be affected by the passport validity of the foreign worker.

Moreover, Work permits are necessary for every province and territory in Canada, and additional permissions may be required for workers seeking employment in Quebec. Some exemptions exist in which these foreign workers would not have to obtain a work permit, but most standard jobs will require them.

Work permits can lead to permanent resident status as long as employment is skilled. Foreign workers seeking employment in Canada may also need to obtain an entry visa depending on where they currently live.

Although, you don’t have to have a job offer in order to apply to be a part of the Express Entry system.

So if that’s the case, you do have to register with Employment and Social Development Canada’s job bank so you can be connected to a Canadian employer. They don’t need a job offer in order to work in Canada.

Furthermore, Processing times for work permits can vary greatly depending on where they are submitted and the type of application. Applications submitted inside of Canada (extensions to already issued work permits) usually take about 38 days for a paper application and about 25 days for an online application, as of August 2014.

With certain exceptions, before a work permit can be applied for by a foreign worker, the Canadian employer making the job offer must obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from the federal human resources authorities. The purpose of the LMIA process is to demonstrate that there is no Canadian worker available for the employment position before the company hires a foreign worker, thereby protecting the Canadian labor market.

Before an LMIA is applied for, the Canadian employer must advertise the position for a month to see if any Canadians are available to take the position. If the employer cannot find a Canadian, then the LMIA can be applied for. The human resources authorities typically take about two months to process an LMIA request once it is received. So between advertising and the LMIA process, there are about three months of processing.

How To Migrate To Canada | For All Prospective Immigrants

NOTE: Canada does not have an immigration lottery like the United States does. The US has a program called the Diversity Visa that allows individuals to obtain Green Cards. Canada doesn’t have a diversity visa but they do have several programs that offer draws every week allowing individuals to obtain Permanent Residency which is comparable to the the US Green Card.

Does Canada Offer a Canada Immigration Lottery?

No! Canada does not offer a designated Canada Immigration Lottery.

However, this does not mean that you cannot immigrate to Canada. Canada offers more than 60 options for immigration. This means there are many options available for prospective immigrants. If you’re interested in an immigration lottery you should check out the US Diversity Visa.

Language Requirements

Since Canada is a bilingual country, courses at Canadian universities will be taught in either English or French.

Even if you are a native English or French speaker, you’ll need to take a language proficiency test. If you are applying for an English speaking university, IELTS is accepted by all. For French, TEF is the most commonly used and accepted.

Fees are generally around $100.

One special aspect of Canada is that there are two national languages – that’s right, you probably already know: English in most of the western side and French in the eastern province of Quebec. If you want to broaden your horizons as either an ESL or FSL student, Canada is the place!

Is Express Entry an Immigration Lottery?

While the Express Entry system uses point systems and regular draws, it is not a lottery but rather a merit-based system. The Express Entry stream aims to reduce the hassle of applying to immigrate. You will fill out an application to enter the Express Entry pool and will be given a CRS score base on your responses.

Periodically, Canadian immigration does an Express Entry draw. This process selects candidates that have above a certain CRS score. If you are selected, you have 60 days to file an application for immigration. If you are not selected, you remain in the pool. In addition to the main Express Entry, many of the provinces will use your Express Entry profile to see if you are eligible to immigrate to that province.

Abroad Visa

Nicki Minaj Visa Sponsorship Application & Free Registration – Apply Now

USA Visa Sponsorship run annually under the DiversitImmigrant Visa Program (DV Program) contributes 50,000 immigrant visas available each year. USA diversity visa lottery application as with every other year will be accepted from individuals are from countries without high rates of immigration to the United States. The DV Program is supervised and administered by the U.S. Department of State (DOS).

It is no news that most people coming to the US through winning this type of visa reside outside the US and immigrate into the U.S. through consular processing and issuance of an immigrant visa. Do you desire to grab this kind of opportunity? Or You have been longing for an avenue to get accurate information on the US diversity visa lottery application?

Hence, if you are interested in working or studying in the US, United States Visa Lottery program – is a good option to take as it comes with the following benefits:

  1. You can live in the United States (free citizenship).
  2. You can study with scholarships and sponsorship.
  3. The American Green Card can guarantee your workspace abroad.

Diversity Visa Winners Legally Residing In the United States

There are, however, a small number of lottery winners each year who, at the time of “winning the lottery,” are residing in the United States in a nonimmigrant or other legal status. For these winners residing inside the United States, USCIS processes adjustment of status applications.


Apply For American Visa Sponsorship Program 2023

Do you wish to work, study, or Live abroad under a sponsorship program? American Visa Sponsorship Program is real and free for Application with Instant Approval Once you meet up with the Requirements.

Meanwhile, Apply for American Visa Sponsorship Program 2022/2023 is for all integrational and African Countries which the list are below and you have to Proceed with your registration as the guide demands. Note: Application is free and easy to proceed all by yourself online. Learn how to Apply Today …

Today we will be guiding you all on the best way to gain merited Approval to work, study or live abroad under the USA Green Visa Card Programs. The Full Steps and Recommendation are below which your can proceed with the Application with just a click  >>>

American Visa Sponsorship Program

The Guardian and Recommendation here is what will guide you on any of the online visa sponsorship programs you need to gain approval.

Meanwhile, you will Find out Instant Quality Results on how to Get American Visa Sponsorship Program. Discover Quality and Best Guide you have to study, Live or work Abroad. Meanwhile; all these are free with the help of the Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) Program Agency.

Also, Get More Related Info on the Available Scholarship and Job Sponsorship Programs which are Powerful Guides and Very Easy to Apply.

Meaning you will have more to gain on this page and more you can Proceed with your registration and the below instructions explains.

The Benefits of American Visa Sponsorship Program

The US Green Card is one of the most sought-after immigration visas worldwide. Holders of this Permanent Resident Card can benefit from a variety of advantages:

  • unlimited entry to the USA – no need for a US Visa or ESTA anymore!
  • Live without restrictions in any US state.
  • Holding of the previous citizenship.
  • After three or five years you can apply for US citizenship.

As an employee

  • Work visa is no longer required.
  • Free choice of employer.
  • Indefinite employment contracts and change of employer are no problem.
  • Less strict work requirements than for other non-Americans.

As a self-employed person

Certain limited permits, such as business licenses or trade licenses, can be obtained more easily and quickly.

As a student

  • Studying in the US without a student visa.
  • Tuition fees can be reduced by up to 80%.

As a pensioner

  • Legal and permanent immigration for retirement.
  • Entitlement to pension insurance earned in the USA and in your home country, e.g. Germany.
  • Entitlement to medical care and other state social benefits.

Note: For this entitlement you must have lived in the USA for at least five years

Point to Note: The U.S. Embassy announces the opening of the 2021 Diversity Visa Lottery Program (DV-2021) for the 2020-2021 section. Often called the “Green Card Lottery,”.

However, you can Proceed with your Registration just as this page and Paragraph Below describe: ====>>>> The lottery aims to diversify the immigrant population in the United States, by selecting applicants mostly from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States in the previous five years. To apply for a diversity visa, follow the steps on the Diversity Visa Process from the blow Instructions:

American Visa Sponsorship Program Forms

What’s new here? …

This annual U.S. government-sponsored program makes more than 50,000+ immigrant visas available worldwide. Meanwhile, it is open to persons from countries, including Trinidad and Tobago, the African Region, the Asian region and other Part of the World except U.S Citizens with lower rates of immigration to the United States.

Recall as we said earlier; this Application process is free and program requirements are simple, but strict.

Just on the Applicant site;

Applicants who apply for a Diversity Visa but do not have the required education or training experience will not qualify to immigrate to the U.S. Applicants should check the requirements at the dvlottery state gov to make sure they qualify before applying.

Moreover, all applications must be submitted electronically. Applicants may apply at or green card service anytime during the registration period and are strongly encouraged not to wait until the last week of the registration period to enter, as heavy demand may result in website delays. No entries will be accepted after noon on November 7, 2023.

Note: For more information about entry requirements, along with frequently asked questions about the program, please see the below instructions for the DV-2022/2023 Diversity Visa lottery at the Official DV Lottery State Gov Portal Below.

However, Applicants will not receive notification letters by mail, email or phone. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to check this website for notification of lottery selection Above.

Just as there is no fee to apply. Winners (only) of the Diversity Visa lottery pay a fee directly to the U.S. Embassy for their Clearance on the day of their visa interview.

When registering for the lottery, applicants must print and save their confirmation page with their unique confirmation code in order to check the status of their entry. Applicants must take care to keep this page; the Embassy cannot replace this confirmation code.

American Visa Sponsorship Program Processing:

On Approval, DV-2021 entrants will be able to use their unique confirmation number to see if their entry was selected via the online Entrant Status Check website below.

Successful entrants will receive instructions for how to apply for immigrant visas for themselves and their eligible family members. Confirmation of visa interview appointments will also be made through Entrant Status Check.

All entrants should keep their confirmation number until September 30 and December 7, 2023. whether they are initially on the selection list or not. Do well to start you American Visa Sponsorship Program Application Now from this Form Below:

My advice for this Visa Lottery Applicants:

Diversity Visa applicants should remain vigilant for fraudulent emails, websites, and letters claiming to be part of the application process. These are in use by scammers posing as the U.S. Government in an attempt to extract money. <American Visa Sponsorship 2021-2022 Program Application Update Below>.

Meanwhile, Applicants are to report any instances of fraud related to the DV Lottery to the official email and website on this page. Applicants are reminded that there is no fee to apply for Diversity Visas, and the U.S.A. Government does not request any payments via email or letter.

What you Need to Do During any Online Application

There guides you need to Follow in order to Achieve a Maximum Result from every online Form you Apply for and the below list will put you through:

Maintain Single Profile – Don’t make thing hard for yourself by making your registration with multiple profiles which will will have problems while trying to Verify or claim your Award

Instructions – Its true that people don’t read instructions and it will be very bad of you not to read instructions before Applying for any online Application.

Legal and Correct details –  If you are not sure of the details you are using please kindly verify before Adding them to your Application because once the Application again Approval you can’t claim the Award

Enquirer –  Do ask question on some unclear part of your registration be fore you proceed with it.

Subscribers – Make it a point of Duty to Join the email subscribers in order to get daily update about your Application

Follow up – make it a point of Duty to follow up your Application from start to finish in order to gain Approval

Validation – Make your registration and with valid documents to enable easy approval

Recommendation –  Make us of document under recommendation from the Application form both format and size.

List of American Visa Lottery Eligible Countries

Meanwhile, this list are Based on Continents and the Countries Under them. However, Once you Country is among this list you can Proceed with your American Visa Lottery Application Blow: >>> Start your Application below … and ask Questions for more guide by joining our Free email Subscribers today >>>

For African Countries

Algeria and Angola
Central African Republic and Chad
Benin and Botswana
Cameroon and Burkina Faso
Burundi and Cape Verde
Comoros and Congo
Congo, Democratic Republic of the and Liberia
Libya and Madagascar
Malawi and Mali
Mauritania and Mauritius
Namibia and Niger
Morocco and Mozambique
Nigeria and Rwanda
Sao Tome and Principe and Senegal and Djibouti
Egypt and Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
Equatorial Guinea and Eritrea
Gabon and Ethiopia
Gambia, The and Ghana
Kenya and Lesotho
Guinea and Guinea-Bissau
Seychelles and Sierra Leone
Somalia and South Africa
Togo and Tunisia
South Sudan and Sudan
Swaziland and Tanzania
Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe

For  Asian Countries

Afghanistan and Bahrain
Bhutan and Brunei
Burma and Cambodia
East Timor and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Indonesia and Iran
Iraq and Israel
Japan and Jordan
Kuwait and Laos
Lebanon and Malaysia
Maldives and Mongolia
Nepal and North Korea
Oman and Qatar
Saudi Arabia and Singapore
Sri Lanka and Syria
Taiwan and Thailand
United Arab Emirates and Yemen

**Natives of the following Asia Region countries are not eligible for this year’s diversity program:

Bangladesh and Vietnam
India and Pakistan
South Korea and Philippines
China (mainland-born)

For European Countries

Albania and Andorra
Armenia and Belgium
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bulgaria and Croatia
Cyprus and Czech Republic
Denmark and Estonia
Finland and France
Georgia and Germany
Greece and Hungary
Iceland and Ireland
Italy and Kazakhstan
Kosovo and Kyrgyzstan
Latvia and Liechtenstein
Lithuania and Luxembourg
Macau Special Administrative Region
Macedonia and Austria
Azerbaijan and Belarus
Malta and Moldova
Monaco and Montenegro
Netherlands and Northern Ireland
Norway and Poland
Portugal and Romania
Russia and San Marino
Serbia and Slovakia
Slovenia and Spain
Tajikistan and Turkey
Sweden and Switzerland
Turkmenistan and Ukraine
Uzbekistan and Vatican City

**Natives of the following European countries are not eligible for this year’s DV program:
Great Britain (United Kingdom).

Great Britain (United Kingdom) includes the following dependent areas:

Anguilla and Bermuda
British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands
Falkland Islands and Gibraltar
Montserrat and Pitcairn
St. Helena and Turks
Caicos Islands.

However, Applicants will not receive notification letters by mail, email or phone. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to check this website for notification of lottery selection.

Oceania, (North, South, Central) America and The Caribbean

Australia and Fiji and The Bahamas
Kiribati and Mars
Micronesia, Federated States of Nauru
New Zealand and Palau
Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands
Tonga and Tuvalu
Vanuatu and Islands

**In North America, natives of Canada and Mexico are not eligible for this year’s diversity program.

Antigua and Barbuda and Argentina
Belize and Barbados
Bolivia and Chile
Costa Rica and Cuba
Dominica and Grenada
Guyana and Honduras
Nicaragua and Panama
Paraguay and Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago
Uruguay and Venezuela

**Countries in this region whose natives are not eligible for this year’s diversity program:

Brazil and Colombia
Dominican Republic and Ecuador
El Salvador and Guatemala
Haiti and Jamaica
Mexico and Peru.


Once you have finish reading the instructions and Guide on this page above and below, you should start with the Application Process which is easy and you can start it now right from your Device.

However,  we recommend that the only way to officially apply for a green card lottery is to apply online at the US Department of State web site which is below this page.

The online form that you fill, Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Form, that is available only during the DV open registration period. meanwhile, You can not download the form and fill it out so you must fill and submit everything online.


Note: Not everyone will gain this Award that is while you should make your Application very neat and exceptional but in any case you find difficulty with any of the instructions, make use of you join our free email subscribers to get your update in the final step(s) to take.

The lottery aims to diversify the immigrant population in the United States, by selecting applicants mostly from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States in the previous five years. To apply for a diversity visa, follow the steps on the Diversity Visa Process on usvisas state gov Today and gain your Approval.


Caregiver Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – APPLY NOW

Caregiver Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – Today, people are living longer because of changing lifestyles and better health care. That combined with a decreasing availability of family and other caregivers, the need for qualified live-in caregiving has grown tremendously. Though the field is booming, there is a limited supply of these workers. This shortage creates opportunities for those looking to enter this profession.

What are Caregiver Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship?

There are many caregiver jobs in USA with visa sponsorship. Some of these jobs are in-home caregiving, while others are in residential or nursing facilities. There are also opportunities to work as a live-in caregiver. Most caregiver jobs in USA with visa sponsorship require certification, although some do not.

In order to become certified, caregivers must complete a training program that is approved by the Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (CAHOO). The program must be at least 75 hours long and cover topics such as human anatomy and physiology, basic first aid, infection control, safety and emergency procedures, communication and interpersonal skills, and nutrition.

Caregivers must also pass a written exam and a skills demonstration. Once certified, caregivers can apply for jobs in USA with visa sponsorship.

Requirements to Apply

To qualify for a caregiver job in the USA with visa sponsorship, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • You must be able to pass a background check and drug test.
  • You must have prior experience caring for children, the elderly, or the disabled.
  • You must be able to speak, read, and write English fluently.
  • You must be willing to live and work in the US for at least two years.

Benefits of a Caregiver Job

There are many benefits to working as a caregiver in the United States. One of the most obvious benefits is the ability to live and work in the United States with a valid visa. This alone can be a great motivator for many people looking for work in the United States.

In addition to being able to live and work in the country, caregivers also enjoy other benefits such as:

  • The ability to help others in need and make a difference in their lives
  • Flexible hours and schedules that can be tailored to fit your needs
  • Competitive salaries and wages
  • Health insurance and other benefits typically offered by employers

Working as a caregiver can be a very rewarding experience. If you are looking for an opportunity to live and work in the United States, then this may be the perfect job for you.

How to Apply and Gain More Experience

If you’re looking for caregiver jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship, there are a few things you need to know. First, you’ll need to have a valid work visa. Second, you’ll need to be able to show that you have the requisite experience and skills for the position. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to go about applying for and gaining more experience in caregiver jobs in the USA:

  • Start by searching online job boards or websites that specialize in caregiver jobs.
  • When you find a job that interests you, make sure to read the requirements carefully. If you meet the qualifications, proceed to the next step.
  • The next step is to contact the employer and inquire about sponsorship possibilities. Be sure to mention that you’re willing to obtain the necessary work visa on your own if Sponsorship isn’t an option.
  • Once you’ve secured a job offer with Sponsorship, it’s time to start gathering all of the required documentation. This includes your passport, CV, stick professional references, as well as any other documents specified by the employer.
  • Finally, submit your application package and wait for a decision from the employer. If everything goes smoothly, you should be on your way to starting your new career in no time.

Interview Process in the US

The interview process for caregiver jobs in the US may vary depending on the employer, but there are some common steps that you can expect:

First, you will likely have a phone screen with someone from the HR department. This is an opportunity for the employer to learn more about your experience and qualifications, and to see if you would be a good fit for the position.

Next, you will probably be invited to an in-person interview. This may be with just one person or with a panel of people. The interviewer(s) will ask you questions about your experience and skills, and they may also give you a tour of the facility.

After the interview, the employer will make a decision about whether or not to offer you the job. If you are offered the job, you will be asked to complete some paperwork and may need to undergo a background check.


If you’re a caregiver looking for a job in the USA with visa sponsorship, we hope this has been helpful. There are many different types of caregiver jobs available in the USA, so be sure to do your research and find the one that’s right for you.


Tailoring Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Tailoring Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – Are you skilled at constructing, altering, repairing, and modifying garments for clients according to their preferences, needs, and specifications? If yes, do you know that there are Tailoring jobs in the USA one of which you can apply for that would earn you a worthy salary?

The skilled workforce in the United States needs staff urgently and guess what, tailors are part of this. In an attempt to solve these, employers are recruiting skilled foreigners to take the job role of a tailor. And all travel and accommodation expenses are solely handled by the employer.

So, if you think a white-collar job is the only way you might survive in the States you might want to think again as tailors earn up to $40,000 per year along with other nice health care benefits.

So, are you a skilled tailor? This is a way you can take your career outside your own country and also to the next level. What are you waiting for? You should grab a hold of this opportunity and get sponsored to the United States to work and live there legally.

Who is a Tailor?

A Tailor is an individual whose job is to make fitted clothes like suits, pants, jackets, and other dresses to fit their clients. In other words, a tailor is a person with the occupation to make or alter garments to make the owners look nice in the outfit.

However, aside from tailors making dresses and garments, they also help their clients select the type of material alongside the design for their clothing that they feel would look good on them. And a tailor could be either a male or a female.

What are Tailoring Jobs in USA?

Tailoring Jobs involve using garment construction and styling knowledge and skills to fit, create and alter garments to the client’s preferences. These jobs are done by skilled and experienced tailors.

And the tailors in the course their job use their garment construction knowledge to fit, alter and make garments for their clients. They also read patterns, make use of measuring tools and work with different types of fabrics and enhancements to make their clients happy with their work.

Jobs Visa Sponsorship for Tailors

Foreigners in dire need of tailoring jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship need to know the type of visa they are expected to apply for contingent on their qualifications. However, before proceeding to the type of job visa you should apply for as a tailor willing to migrate to the USA to work.

You need to know that Tailors are quite in high demand in the USA. And because of this, US employers are offering this job with visa sponsorship to skilled and experienced foreign tailors. They do this after they have put out a vacancy and the employee has shown interest and provided the required qualifications for the job.

So as a tailor with all the requirements for the job, you should apply for the job. After that proceed to get your H-1B visa.

H-1B Visa Sponsorship for Tailoring Jobs in USA

The H-1B visa is a nonimmigrant classification that applies to individuals willing to perform services in a theoretical and practical occupation, service of merit, an ability that is related to a DOD, cooperative research, or fashion model of distinguished merit service.

This visa enables US employers to hire foreigners in the previously mentioned aspects to travel to the USA to work and live there legally on a seasonal, intermittent, or one-time basis.

The H-1B visa requires the US secretary of Homeland Security to seek the right agencies before permission can be given for H-1B non-immigrants to migrate. The visa is given to tailors with skills, experience, and qualifications who are willing to migrate but can’t take care of their flight and accommodation expenses.

However, for this visa to be granted by the US embassy, the employee would have to agree to leave the country after their contract has been completed. With that, they can now proceed to apply for visa sponsorship after applying for the job.

How to Get an H-1B Visa Sponsorship in USA

Have you tried applying but your efforts seem futile? Worry less as here in this section of this article, I would be providing you with easy steps on how you can get your H-1B visa. However, before proceeding to get this visa, it is mandatory that you first apply for and get approved for the job. As you need a sponsor before the visa can be granted.

So once you have applied for the job and your employer has agreed to sponsor your travel expenses, you can now follow the below-listed steps to get your H-1B visa.

  • Get a legit job offer from a U.S employer to either do seasonal or temporary work.
  • Your employer after accepting you for the job would have to file an SWA for a temporary labor certification.
  • Once it has been accepted, then your employer would file a visa petition form 1-129.
  • After that submit the petition to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service.
  • Once this petition has been granted, applicants for this visa would then be asked to apply for a visa via a U.S consulate in their own country.

However, if you are applying for this job from Canada, you can visit the United States border with all your required documents to place your application for visa sponsorship.

Tailoring Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship Application

Applying for Tailoring Jobs in the USA is very easy provided you have all that the job requires you to. And you can apply for the job regardless of the country you are from and get the visa sponsorship that comes with it. All you just have to do is ensure that you have provided the correct information and credentials requested of you. Because this would be used to carry out a background checkup before you can be selected for the position.

Meanwhile, after you have successfully passed your online application process, you can now start processing the visa. And during your application for a visa, you should ensure the steps are followed orderly and the required info is correctly and completely submitted so the visa sponsorship would be approved. Then with it, you can migrate to the US to work.

How to Apply For Tailoring Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

As earlier stated, applying for tailoring jobs is very easy to do provided you follow the right application steps. So are you finding applying for that perfect tailoring job that you are convenient with difficult to do? Here are simple steps you can follow below to apply for and get the job.

  • Create a standard curriculum vitae (CV) that meets the United States Employment Standards and a good letter of application.
  • Open your device web browser and visit any online job posting site of your choice.
  • Using the site’s search engine, locate a tailoring job you would love to apply for.
  • Once you have found it, then you can now read through the job description and its requirements.
  • Check if the company and the vacancy are legit
  • Tap on the apply now button if the job sits well with you.
  • Enter your required details
  • Upload your job resume or your CV
  • Then follow the onscreen instructions to complete your application for the job.

After completing the job application process, then you should wait for your employer to review your application and approve it. Once your application has been approved, you would be asked to take an online interview which if you pass, you would be given the job officially. Then you can now go ahead and send in your application for visa sponsorship.

Tailoring Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship Interview Questions

During your interview for the job, you would be asked certain questions which you would be required to answer correctly. So, to help you prepare for this interview, we have made our research and arranged some of the questions you might be asked. And they include;

  • What is your full name?
  • Why do you want this job?
  • How did you discover the job?
  • Do you have a previous experience with the job? If yes, please share.
  • Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
  • What would you do if a fussy customer isn’t pleased with a garment you already altered more than once?
  • What would be your response to a customer who wants an extreme dress modification that you think would ruin the beauty of the particular dress?
  • How would you handle a customer who has repeatedly criticized your work?
  • What would you do if you ruin an expensive garment accidentally and the client had just called to come to pick it up?
  • What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses in this job aspect?

How to Get a Job Visa Sponsorship

Getting a job with visa sponsorship is not tasky but sometimes isn’t easy. But with the few steps listed for you in this section of this article, you can easily get a job as a tailor to work in USA. Here are the steps listed below;

  • Get a job within the H-1B Visa Sponsorship Database
  • Apply for the job and get the offer
  • Look for an internship
  • Find any boutique consulting companies
  • Locate any Global consulting companies

With these above-listed steps, you definitely would have a high chance of getting the job of your choice alongside a visa sponsorship.

Types of Sewing Occupations

There are different types of sewing occupations. And you can submit your application for one that suits your skills, qualification, and experience. What are these different types of sewing occupations? They include;

  • Bookbinder
  • Draper
  • Corsetier
  • Cordwainer
  • Hatter
  • Dressmaker
  • Glover
  • Millinger
  • Parachute Rigger
  • Quilter
  • Sailmaker
  • Tailor
  • Taxidermist
  • Upholsterer
  • Seamstress
  • Sailmaker
  • Leatherworker and many more.

All the above might not be about making garments but they are different types of jobs you can find under the sewing occupation which tailoring and garment making belongs.

Tailoring Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship Requirement and Skills

To get tailoring jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship, there are certain skills you must have and requirements you must meet. However, in this section of this article, we would be stating some of the skills and requirements you need to get a tailoring job in the USA. They include;

  • High School Diploma or a GED certificate.
  • Work experience as a tailor.
  • Excellent sewing skills.
  • Ability to use a sewing machine.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Be detail-oriented.
  • Outstanding customer service skills.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Time management skills.

Tailoring Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship Responsibility/ Duties

There are several duties and responsibilities of a Tailor. One of their major duty and responsibility is to ensure their customers’ satisfaction. And to achieve that, they must carry out all of their responsibilities and duties well. Some of these include;

  • Discuss the design, alteration, and repair of garments with customers to make sure their preferences are met.
  • Record customers’ measurements, preferences, and instructions accurately.
  • Provide customers with the estimated cost for the construction of customized garments.
  • Construct garments according to customers’ preferred designs, ideas, and specifications.
  • Repair customers’ garments, like patching holes, and sewing ruined parts of the dresses.
  • Alter garments to improve clients’ comfort and fits

Above all, it is also your duty as a tailor to modify garments given to you to how your client wants them. This includes; lining garments, adding padding, shortening sleeves, and more depending on their preferences.

Benefits of Tailoring Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Applying for this job exposes you to lots and lots of unique benefits. Besides, we are already aware one of the most important benefits of this job is the free visa. But aside from that, there are still lots of other benefits we get to enjoy when you apply for this job. These benefits include;

  • Paid Leave
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Employee Wellness Program
  • Vision and Dental Coverage
  • Disability Insurance
  • Flexible Working Schedule
  • Competitive Salary
  • 401(k) Matching
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Training and Development Opportunities and many more.

Websites to Apply for Other Jobs and Tailoring Jobs in USA

Finding a tailoring job in USA with visa sponsorship has now been made easier with the availability of job posting sites. So with any of these below-listed websites, you can find as many tailoring jobs as possible or any other job you would love to apply for. Here are some of these websites below;

  • Glassdoor
  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • SimplyHired
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Zippia

Using any of these platforms, you can find any job of your choice and even get the direct application link to apply for the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this part of the article, we will be providing you answers to some of the most frequently asked questions online.

How Much is a Tailor Paid in USA?

In the USA, the average hourly wage of a tailor ranges between $10.61 to $15.11 while the average annual wage ranges between $22,070 to $31,420. But as time goes on you are liable to earn more than that.

Is Tailoring a Hard Job?

The answer is no if you are skilled and experienced. Although the job is highly skilled and requires a steady hand, precise work, and paying attention to details. However, the job involves executing all tasks like cutting, sewing, pattern making, pressing, and fitting to produce finished items. If you can do all of these, then the job isn’t going to be difficult.

How Can I Get A Sponsorship to Work in USA

As earlier explained, for you to get a sponsorship, you need to have a job offer from a US company or employer. The employer must issue you a contract for you to sign which would then be part of the sponsorship documents.

Who is Eligible for a Tailoring Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship?

Meanwhile, you can apply for a Tailoring job in the United States if you meet the requirement and qualifications of your sponsor or employer. But whether you are from Africa or any part of the world, you can apply for this job opportunity.

Where can I work as a Tailor in USA?

There are so many places in the United States where you can work as a professional or level entry tailor. Some of the most popular places include; Clothing stores, Dry Cleaning and Laundry companies, Fashion parlors, General Merchandise stores, and a lot more.

What Companies are Currently Hiring Foreign Tailors In USA?

So many companies in the United States are currently hiring foreign tailors and also offering them free visa sponsorship. Amongst the most popular companies to sort for jobs as a foreigner are;

  • Nordstrom
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Indochino
  • Levi Strauss & Co
  • JoS.A.Bank
  • Cintas
  • Spotlight 29 Casino
  • American Eagle Outfitters
  • Gucci
  • Chanel

Do I need Experience to apply for a Tailor Job in USA?

Although, many companies need applicants with a prior or previous experience in tailoring,but you can also find companies hiring level entry workers. Most companies or employers in the U.S are willing to hire newbies and then provide them with training.

So, whether or not you have experience as a Tailor, you can apply for tailoring jobs with visa sponsorship in the USA. Just ensure to carry out proper research to find one. You can check out the job listing websites listed above in this article to find one.


Software Engineering Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Do you know you can start your career as a software engineer in USA? A Software engineering Job in USA is a great way to start up your career. Are you a software engineer and wish to move to the United State?

If yes, then you are on the right page.

In this article, we will be giving you info on how to secure a software engineering job in USA with ease

However, be sure to read the entire article, to get every info you need.

Now without delay, let’s get started.

Who is a software engineer?

A software engineer is a person who applies the theory of software engineering to design, develop, maintain, test, and analyze computer software.

How to get a software engineering Job in USA

Follow these easy steps below to get a software engineering job in USA:

  • Get a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related technical degree
  • Obtain an associate’s degree in the above subjects
  • Take the self-taught route by reading coding books, taking a software engineering course, or watching videos from software engineers themselves
  • Specialize in front-end engineering, back-end engineering, security engineering, DevOps, or testing automation
  • Complete a technical boot camp that lasts two to three months
  • After that, lay out a well-organized CV that will please any employer in the U.S.
  • Then utilize the internet and social media platforms, to connect to U.S employers and companies.
  • Then, search for software engineering jobs in which you have an interest and place your application letter with your CV attached to it.
  • After that, wait patiently for their response.

Requirements to become a software engineer in USA

Below are the requirements you have to meet up with, to be regarded as a professional software engineer, they are:

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or another related field.
  • 5 to 7 years of software engineering or software development experience, preferably in a related field.
  • Hands-on programming experience using relevant languages.
  • Experience using relevant tool suites.
  • Good written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Creative problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to manage the software development lifecycle.
  • The ability to focus on activities and deliver projects on time and within budget.
  • Working experience with clients and business partners.
  • A comprehensive understanding of computer science concepts.
  • Excellent coding skills.
  • Extensive knowledge of agile approaches.
  • Strong team-building skills.
  • The ability to travel when needed.

How to apply for a software engineering Jobs in USA

Follow these steps below to apply for a software engineering job in USA:

  • First, lay out a CV and a good formal letter that will please your sponsor.
  • You can utilize the internet and social media platform to connect to most US employers or companies.
  • Submit your CV and application letter to any company of your choice, then wait for their interview.
  • Once, you’ve been accepted for the job, your potential employer will then determine your payment rate.
  • This is done by a formal discussion between you and your potential employer.

Responsibility of a software engineer in USA

Below are some duties of a software engineer, they are:

  • Analyze the needs of the user
  • Design, test, and develop the software to meet those needs
  • Recommend upgrades for existing systems and programs
  • Develop separate elements of software that work well in the program as a whole
  • Create various diagrams, flowcharts, and models that illustrate the type of code needed by programmers
  • Ensure continued functionality of a program during maintenance and testing of software
  • Document each aspect of a system or application as a reference for future upgrades and maintenance
  • Revisit the development process to fix bugs or address client or consumer concerns

Skills of Software Engineer in USA

Below are some basic Skills of a software engineer, they include:

  • Good communication skill
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Must be good at problem-solving
  • Must know how to use text editors effectively
  • Good Knowledge of software development life cycle (SDLC)
  • Must be an expert at using an integrated development environment (IDE) to write, modify, compile, run, and debug their code.
  • Good understanding of networking
  • Encryption and cryptography skills
  • Ability to use Source control
  • Must understand the basics of operating systems
  • A good understanding of databases
  • Expert in at least one or two major programming languages

The benefit of being a software engineer in USA

Below are some benefits of being a software engineer in USA, they are:

  • Access to education
  • Software developers are in high demand
  • There are many career options available to you as a software engineer
  • Ability to work from a remote location
  • Ability to travel as a part of your job
  • High salary
  • Opportunity to work as an individual or as a team

Job opportunities for a Software engineers in the USA

Senior Software Systems Engineer V [USA Remote]


Chapel Hill, NC 27514



Software Engineer – Network scripting

Spry Squared, Inc.

United States




(USA) Software Engineer III – eComm


Sunnyvale, CA 94086


Associate Software Engineer

CAE Inc.

Binghamton – Industrial Park – L3



Software Engineer

Veson Nautical

Boston, Massachusetts




Software Engineer II

Veson Nautical

Boston, Massachusetts




Senior Software Engineer


USA-TX Plano Legacy Drive Suite 700



Software Engineer III

Freedom Mortgage

Boca Raton, FL 33431





How much does a software engineer earn in USA?

The average salary for a software engineer is $94,064 per year in USA.

Are software engineers in demand in USA?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there will be an estimated increase of 11% in demand for software engineers by 2029.

How many hours do software engineers work?

On average, software engineers work 8-9 hours a day or 40-45 hours a week.

How can I become a software engineer in USA?

Follow these easy steps below to become a software engineer:

  • Enroll in a degree program
  • Gain internship experience
  • Choose your specialty
  • Get Certified
  • Continue your education

Which course is best in software?

Below are vital Software Development Courses, they are;

  • Mobile App Development
  • Web Programming/Web Design
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • DevOps
  • UI/UX Development
  • Database Administration
  • Cyber Security
  • Augmented Analytics
  • Software Quality Testing (SQT) Automation
Football Academy

Chelsea FC Academy Sponsorships Programs 2022

Do you wish apply to Chelsea Football Club Academy under our ongoing sponsorship program? Chelsea FC Academy Sponsorship Program is real and free for Application with Instant Approval Once you meet up with the Requirements.

Today we will be guiding you all on the best way to gain merited Approval to Chelsea FC Academy under the ongoing Sponsorships Programs 2022. The Full Steps are below which your can proceed with the Application Today>>>

Note: Application is free and easy to proceed all by yourself online. Learn more Today as you Proceed with the application guide and gain full approval:

Chelsea FC operates a football academy for age groups Under-9 through to Under-23

The Academy was awarded Category One status following an independent audit by the Premier League.

The audit process forms part of the League’s monitoring of the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP), created and designed to increase the quantity and quality of homegrown English players.  The categorisation system permits the best-ranked academies more contact time with young players and ensures their development teams participate in the elite competitions at youth level.  Up to 10 different factors are considered in the grading including productivity rates, training facilities, coaching, welfare and education provisions.

The Academy teams compete in an extensive games programme in the Professional Development Phase (Under-17+). These are split between the Under-18s, Under-19s and development squad, with the latter two generally formed of the same group of players and coaching staff.

How To Join Chelsea FC Academy

Are you wondering how to join Chelsea FC Academy from Africa? If this has been your dream, then you’re in luck to have found this page.

I’m going to breakdown the process involved in how to join Chelsea FC Academy from Africa and present it as simple as I can.

Chelsea FC football academy employs modern-day football development programs for recruiting new prospects.

The club trials for the U9, U11, U12, U14, U15, U16, U20, and U23 have commenced for 2022.

There is also a newly commissioned Chelsea FC Emerging Talent Program according to news posted on their website.

The new program is said to be created for building up the next generation of world-class talents.

As an emerging African talent, you could just be among the lucky ones! Stay tuned for more details on the program.

How To Get A Trial At Chelsea FC Academy

The only way to get to the club’s listings is through the Chelsea FC Academy Registration.

Here are some of the requirements needed to partake:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Discipline in both mindset and learning
  • Learning speed
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Good financial status

Chelsea FC Academy Tiers

  • Chelsea FC U9
  • Chelsea FC U11
  • Chelsea FC U13
  • Chelsea FC U14
  • Chelsea FC U15
  • Chelsea FC U16
  • Chelsea FC U20
  • Chelsea FC U23

How To Pass Chelsea FC Academy Trials 2022

The Chelsea FC Academy Trials has been one of the best ways the clubs recruits the best footballing talents on the planet.

It has been successful in capturing footballers who have gone on to be world-class players of today.

This program is made to lend incapacitated recruits a helping hand and a dreamy opportunity to one day, don the Chelsea FC shirt.

Talents who can’t pay the required academy fees are now offered a provisional scholarship by sponsors at the club.

Below are the steps to take in passing the Chelsea FC Academy Trials:

  • Attend summer camps.
  • Attend open football competitions in your location.
  • Record your skills.
  • Incorporate good sportsmanship.
  • Show passion and desire in anything to impress scouts and the coaching team.

Here is the link to reach out to the Chelsea FC Academy for inquiries about the 2022 trials.

Chelsea FC Emerging Talent Programs

This program is a link between the club’s academy environments with the global pool of hot prospects.

The program has already identified over 50 schools on which the club scouts have fixated their attention on.

There will be arranged open trials across the globe including Africans.

It is a solid platform where talents are been found and recruited into the main academy for further tests and training.

They engage the best training methods for any age group and recruits are been given the opportunity to showcase their talents.

The Chelsea FC Emerging Talent Programs is also geared towards producing over 20,000 footballers in the coming years.

Program manager, Charles Pius disclosed this on the clubs news post earlier this year.

Below are the further disposed requirements:


  • Passion for football.
  • Stats and records from old teams (if there are any).
  • Parents or guardian consent (for those below 18).
  • Open to all footballing demography across the world.

Emerging Talent Phases

Let’s have a look at the major phases of the program. There are three main areas of focus;

PHASE ONE: School Activity

This entails the participation of interested applicants into a tournament hosted by the Emerging Talent Program.

It can also be a football event or festival where kids will be strictly paired with their age groups form the academy.

The age group of U9s and U11s are known as the “Foundation Phase” while the “Youth Development Phase” refers to the age group of U12s and U14s.

How To Apply For Chelsea FC Academy

Just like the usual club registration, African applicants can apply for Chelsea FC Academy by CLICK on the LINK Below to get access to Chelsea FC Academy Sponsorships Programs 2022.