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Tencent QQ (popularly known as QQ) is an instant messaging social media platform and web portal developed by the Chinese tech giant Tencent. QQ became international with more than 80 countries using it.

It offers service services that provide microblogging, online social games, group and video chat software, shopping, and music. QQ was the first product released by the company Tencent, which is now one of the largest internet companies in the world. Tencent launched its web-based QQ formally on 15 of September 2009, the latest version of which being 3.0.

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it is one of the most popular apps in china with claims of billion users, QQ is similar in terms of Kik and Whatsapp in terms of functionality.

Below are the features of QQ.

Features of QQ

  • Chat messages.
  • File transfer.
  • Personal dress-up.
  • Voice call.
  • Video call.
  • Spatial dynamics.
  • Mobile payment.
  • Game center.

Below are the steps to sign up on QQ.

Steps to QQ Account Sign Up

  • Go to the QQ official website.
  • Fill in your nickname, password, phone number in the blank.
  • After you fill in your phone number, click the send button, a code will be sent to your phone for registration.


  • You can also use your Facebook account.
  • If you have downloaded QQ international for Andriod or iOS/iPhone.
  • Then launch the app, ”click on sign up” in the lower part of the login screen, and follow the instruction on the screen.

Below are the steps to QQ login.

Steps to Register QQ Developer Program

  1. Sign in to the QQ developer portal with your QQ account credentials.
  2. After signing in, go to to register yourself as a developer
  3. Select (individual developer.
  4. Enter the required information and select the next step.
  5. Complete the email verification process. you will need to wait a few days to be approved after registering as a developer.

Steps to Test your Custom Policy.

  1. Select your relying party policy.
  2. For application, select a web application that you previously registered.
  3. Select the Run now button.
  4. From the sign-up or sign-in page, select QQ to sign in with a QQ account.

While the sign-in process is successful, your browser will be redirected to, which displays the contents of the token returned by Azure AD B2C.

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