Shocking Reasons Why Ladies Wear Ankle Bracelet

By Miss Agbo Chisom Godsgift.

Why Ladies Wear Ankle Bracelet

Ankle bracelet a ring or chain that is worn around the ankle. In this blog content, we shall be discussing why ladies wear ankle bracelet (chain around their legs). As we grow older, things keep changing. Fashion is reoccurrence of style in clothing, hair and general appearance of people in the society. The issue of ladies wearing ankle bracelet has been given mixed reaction in the society today.


There is a general saying that you’re addressed the way you’re dressed. Imaging yourself as a parent in a school to register your child and you found out that female teachers in the school wear bracelet. Long ago women of high class wore them as ornaments, while they are regarded as being prestigious.

Why Ladies Wear Ankle Bracelet                                                                   Why Ladies Wear Ankle Bracelet


  • For fashion
  • For protection
  • Used in identifying Lesbians
  • Prevent STDs
  • Prevent pregnancy, etc.

As the name implies this gold-ring is worn down the leg which gives a perfect definition to the ankle. In recent times, questions are asked and it came with a lot of findings of which ladies wear leg bracelet. Some gave it that they wear it in the name of fashion, but in general perspective it is for prostitutes.


Ladies put it on for protection while having sex and to the lesbians it is a sign of identification. In as much as it gives the wrong impression about people so many wear it as fashion. Most ladies in the world do go extra mile to get things out of a relationship. That is why some of the anklets are considered diabolic and demonic.


Why Ladies Wear Ankle Bracelet

Why Ladies Wear Ankle Bracelet



The factuality about the idea is that all anklets are similar because they recall slave chains and convicts leg irons. Some married ladies put on anklets which show that are available for sex. Sometimes, it is to make love to other men with their husband’s consent and encouragement.


No matter how people view it in their own dimension of life. Generally, it depicts the life of a whore. Many dancers in today’s world wear bracelet for the essence of uniformity. Nevertheless the society at large still view it as out of code .While ladies see it as being trendy, unfortunately some guys see it as a turn off for them.


Lots of men say that they hardly see responsible ladies on anklets. Those they have met with turn out to be whores thereafter. With all these listed reasons, one can easily say that in some cultures, anklets are generally accepted. While some cultures do not encouragement it they see people that wear it as insane and banished people.



Why Ladies Wear Ankle Bracelet

Why Ladies Wear Ankle Bracelet



Ladies with high sense of maturity as regards to fashion, still counter the idea that it is bad. They believe it makes them trendy, look classy and gives a perfect definition of their outlook. In the same vein some single ladies go extra mile to attach demonic ties to it .It either make them to catch rich guys, avoid pregnancy and not to contact STDs and all of it.


Invariably a whole lot of men stigmatize ladies going about on anklets. Day in and day out a lot of fashion-guru speak on its approval.


Why Ladies Wear Ankle Bracelet


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