Top 20 Greatest Boxers Of All Time

Boxing is a sport of fighting with the fists with the intention to knockout the opposing boxer. It’s a sport which majority of the world population watch. Boxers are always seen to be strong due to the nature of the sports. In this article Greatest Boxers Of All time, we shall discuss top Boxers both past and present.  



Known for his speed and poetics abilities Muammad Ali has arguably Remained one of boxing greatest. Ali captured a gold medal in the Olympics, a kid from Lousville Kentucky. Who began boxing after an Where his bicycle was stolen. Ali met a cop who Began teaching him how the sweet science called boxing.

Ali put up one of the biggest upsets in boxing When he defeated Sonny Liston. It is said that Ali Predicted the round he would knock Liston out. Ali Was a three time world champion of boxing. His record was a total of 61 fights, 56 wins. 37 Of those wins was by the way of knock out with 5 losses. Indeed, he is one of the Greatest Boxers Of All Time.



Iron mike Tyson, goes by many nicknames of them being. ‘The Baddest man on the planet’, he was given that For a reason.

Tyson had the power of intimidation in the Ring, he began boxing at an early age of twelve. He grew up to become one of the most feared. Heavy weights of all time, he secured the heavy weight Title at a young age. Tyson boxing style involved the Peek-a-boo, Tyson was coached by one of boxing Finest trainers Cus D Amato.



Lennox Lewis is a three time world heavy champion with a professional record of 44-32-2-1. Lennox was also a common wealth Gold medalist, an gold medalist.

He was one of the few heavy Weights who defeated mike Tyson. With 32 knock outs he was one of the Hardest punchers in boxing, with an ability of being able To set the pace of the fight, he retired in 2003.

Greatest Boxers Of All Time MUHAMMAD ALI

Greatest Boxers Of All Time



Joe Frazier who is also an Olympic gold medalist is an American boxer from Philadaphia. With a professional boxing record of 37-32-4, smoking Joe together with Muhammad Ali put up one of the Rivalries in boxing history, the both of them fought thrice, with Frazier winning the first encounter.



Evander Holyfield remains the only boxer in history to win the undisputed championship in two weight classes. The cruiserweight and the heavy weight. He won the heavy weight championship after defeating mike Tyson. In what is known as one of the biggest upsets in boxing history. He is also an Olympic bronze medalist. Indeed, he is one of the Greatest Boxers Of All Time


George foreman who nicknamed big George. Has a professional record of Total fights 81, total wins 76 total wins by knockout 68 and 5 losses George foreman is an Olympic gold medalist and a former heavy weight Champion of the world.

With victories over the likes of Joe frazier who he defeated twice With knockout, and ken Norton. Big George is considered one of the hardest punchers in the history of boxing



Larry Holmes is known for his left jab, Larry Holmes successfully Defended his championship 20 times. He won his first 48 professional Fights, with victories over the likes of Muhammad ALI. Mike weave, Gerry cooney, marvis frazier e.t.c.



Joe Louis competed from 1934, he reigned as heavy weight champion from 1937. He was victorious in 25 title defenses. He was nicknamed the brown bomber Joe Louis was ranked number one on the ring magazine list of the 100 greatest Punchers of all time.



He is a British born Nigerian boxer who is currently the leading Prospect in today’s heavy weight boxing. He currently holds four titles Which includes the WBA, IBO, IBF, WBO titles.

He is also The London 2012 Olympic games heavy weight boxing gold medalist. He is currently undefeated with a record of 22-21-0. Indeed, he is one of the Greatest Boxers Of All Time

Greatest Boxers Of All Time MUHAMMAD ALI

Greatest Boxers Of All Time



HE is Ukrainian professional boxer who competed from 1996 to 2017 Wvladimir. Held the world heavy weight championships which includes the WBA, SUPER IBF. WBO, IBO and LINEAL titles he also represented Ukraine in the 1996 Olympics where he won a gold medal He also has a gold medal in the European championship games of 1996.

He is a gold medalist in the junior European championship games, a Gold medalist in the military world championships of 1995. And a silver medalist in the 1994 junior world championships, he has a professional record of 69 fights, 64 wins, 53 wins by knockout and 5 losses



With a professional record of 41 fights 40 wins 39 of those wins Coming by the way of knockout, he is recognized as Of the hardest punchers in the history of boxing today, Wilder secured a bronze medal in the 2008 Olympic games Beijing Wilder won the WBC title since 2015 and is the 15th longest reigning champion He has an amateur record of 30-5



Tyson fury is a British professional boxer, also known as the gypsy King. In 2015 he defeated wvladimir an put up one the Biggest upset in boxing history. Fury has an amateur record of 28 fights, 19 of those By the way of knock out no defeat and one draw, with Deontay Wilder



Rocky Merciano finished his professional boxing career With a perfect record of 49 fights no defeats, his career was short lived Lasting from 1947 to 1956, he won the heavy weight title when he Knocked out Joe Walcott in 1952, rocky defended his heavy weight title Six times before he announced his retirement from boxing in 1952



Jack has a professional boxing record of 61 fights, he has 50 fights coming By the way of knock out he held the world heavy weight title from 1919 to 1926.



Joseph parker is a former WBO champion, who holds wins against the likes of Andy Ruiz jr and Hughie fury. He has a professional boxing record of 24 wins 2 losses and i8 of those wins coming by the way of knock out.



Since his 2015 defeat to Anthony Joshua Dillian has bounced back With wins over the likes of Joseph parker, Lucas Browne and host on the verge of a world title shot.

17 Floyd Mayweather

18 Ezzard Charles 

19 Harry Greb 

20 Floyd Patterson  

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Greatest Boxers Of All Time MUHAMMAD ALI

Greatest Boxers Of All Time MUHAMMAD ALI

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