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Youtube Sign Up: Youtube is an online video sharing service, by which users can watch, share, like, comment, and upload their own videos, and share with others.

Youtube was originally created on the 14 of February 2015, in San Mateo, California by chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and jawed Karin. the three founders knew each other from working together at another Internet start up, PayPal. the very first Youtube video was uploaded on April 23rd, 2005 at 3:27:12 UTC by the site’s co-founder, jawed Karim, with username ”jawed” entitled ”me at zoo”.

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Youtube is now one of the popular sites on the web, with over 23 million channels, 5 billion videos are watched per day.

Below are the features of youtube account

Features of Youtube Account

Video management on the go.

A faster, more useful creator studio app.

Updated creator academy.

New types of cards.

New creator community.

Better live streams.

Easier access to to the subs feed.

Below are the steps to youtube sign up

Steps to Youtube Sign up Account

Visit our website @ Youtube

Click on sign up

click create account

choose for myself or to manage by Youtube, once you’ve signrd into Youtube with your goole account you can create a Youtube channel on your account. youtube user’s upload videos, leave comments, and create play lists.

Below are the steps to Youtube login.

Steps to Youtube Login Account

Visit our official website @

Enter your google account email address and password.

After logining in for Youtube, sign into your google account on another google service will automatically sign you into Youtube.

below are the steps to recover your Youtube account password.

Steps to Recover Youtube Account password

Go to and click the sign in link at the top right corner of the page appears.

Click either the forgot username or forgot password link.

Enter your username.

Enter verification code from fom the multi-coloured text.

Click on reset my pasword.

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